Tusong Kamwininye

e is the head pastor of Fountain

His messages centers on the Holy Ghost,

righteousness, faith, discipline, the love of

This great teaching provide clear and

straight forward answers to anyone desiring

Enjoy some of the most comprehensive

teaching as thought by the Man of God.

impact on their generation.

raise people focus individual to make maximum

A power preacher of the gospel of Jesus

Gate on 6th January 1996.

He was ordained as a pastor in Fountain

and lover of Jesus Christ and the things of God.

A servant Leader, a team player, a visionary

He is currently the Vice Chairman of

Fountain Gate Chapel, Worldwide.

About Rev Jatoe

Christ with creative wisdom who holistically

Gate Chapel, Glorious Pastures, Ho.

God and order in the body of Christ.

to walk according to the Word of God.


Fountain Gate Chapel - Glorious Pastures,

About Our Church

Ho is a member church of Fountain Gate Chapel,

founded by Rev. Eastwoood Anaba.

The church was established in the 2000s

when God gave the mandate to his servant,

Rev. Jatoe Tusong to come to Ho.

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